Pre-planning and location scouting before the video project begins

At St. Louis Video Studio, we are adept at assembling the perfect cast of video crew talent for a particular project, making sure to carefully craft the best creative combination possible. Our production team is well-versed in the entire video production process, from start to finish.

Unlike other video production companies, our approach to your video project is distinct.

At the start of each job, we talk about your objectives, budget, and timeline. We work together to build a narrative and a plan that fits your needs. We tap into a broad range of media and techniques, all of which are digital.

Rather than simply adding staff to a job, it is essential to comprehend how the video production team at St. Louis Video Studio Production cooperates to create the necessary creative blend. Our team has mastered the art of combining the best video production capabilities to suit the client’s goal. Everyone in the production group possesses a comprehensive comprehension of the video production process from start to finish.

Since 1982, St. Louis Video Studio production has brought solid video production competency and creative flair to the arts of lighting, camera work and directing. St. Louis Video Studio’s list of happy customers has included numerous advertising agencies, broadcast companies, entertainment companies and corporate clients.

Marketing Videos from St. Louis: From longer, in-depth sales and marketing pieces to short, powerful viral-style clips that tell your company’s story. Ready to be posted online. Televised ads and infomercials.

Videotaping corporate events such as meetings, seminars, or presentations is an economical means of training, advertising, teaching, or inspiring workers and customers. St. Louis Corporate Image Videos can help you make this happen.

Making use of video for training purposes is a great way to implement an educational tool for employees and customers. St. Louis Training Videos can help you do just that.

Entertainment Videos from St. Louis which include Television and Web programs, Documentaries, and Music Videos.

Interactive Video Services in St. Louis: Web video streaming, DVDs and computer software are all available.

Rob Haller


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