Pre-planning and location scouting before the video project begins

More than just throwing people at a project, you must understand how our video crew works together to build the proper creative mix. Using the finest mixture of video crew talent available for the client’s job, St. Louis Video Studio Production has honed an ability to provide the best result. Our production group has a comprehensive understanding of the entire video production process.

We approach your video project differently than other video production companies.

We begin every job by discussing your objectives, budget, and deadline. We then collaborate with you to create a narrative and a strategy that meets your unique requirements. We utilise a wide variety of media and styles, all of which are digital.

More than just piling on personnel to a job, you must understand how our video production team works together to produce the appropriate creative blend. St. Louis Video Studio Production has perfected the ability to assemble the finest mixture of video production talents for the client’s objective. Our production group has a thorough understanding of the video production process from beginning to end.

Since 1982, St. Louis Video Studio production has brought solid video production competency and creative flair to the arts of lighting, camera work and directing. St. Louis Video Studio’s list of happy customers has included numerous advertising agencies, broadcast companies, entertainment companies and corporate clients.

St. Louis Marketing Videos: Longer more extensive sales and marketing tools to short effective viral type videos that talk about your business. Ready to upload to the web. Commercials and Infomercials.

St. Louis Corporate Image Videos: Videotaping your business meeting, seminar or presentation is a cost effective way to help train, advertise, educate or motivate your clients and employees.

St. Louis Training Videos: Employee or Customer Training. Video can help you implement your important education training tool.

St. Louis Entertainment Videos: Television and Web programs, Documentaries, Music Videos

St. Louis Interactive Videos: St Louis Web videos, streaming video, DVD media and computer software.

Rob Haller


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