st louis video studio talent on camera

St Louis Video Studio is a top-quality video and audio production firm. We shoot and edit corporate messages for TV and the internet in addition to live streaming. We are sure we can handle your unique video desires. We also have a green screen cyc wall for keying in talent to any desired background or simulated setting. Let’s collaborate on some special effects!

Post production services in St Louis, Missouri are available to you 24/7. We do whatever you ask of us, whether it was shot on film or video, and then we’ll export it to the format and player that you desire. We can also provide video graphics, animation and visual effects.

St. Louis Video Studio is a professional video & audio production facility that produces high-quality corporate videos for television and the web. We capture and edit corporate videos for a variety of St. Louis companies, both on television and online. We’re certain we can handle your video needs. In addition to green screen walls for keying in talent to any hypothetical background or environment, we also have a full cyc wall for keying in talent to any background or environment. Let’s create some awesome fx together!

st louis video studio production
st louis video studio production

The latest in video equipment and software gives us the tools to do the job. Years of experience make the difference. Everything matters – every word in the script, the lighting setup, props, camera angles, editing decisions, sound effects–the difference is in the details.

And because St. Louis Video Production is a complete communications company, our creative video team benefits from our unique access to designers, animators and audio engineers right under our own roof. It all adds up and assures you that our commitment to excellence is reflected in your production.

st louis video studio on a remote location filming

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